15 Schools with the Best Overall Dorms

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30 September


The Dormy Awards are in full swing this year. Last week we released the list of the top 15 best dorms in the country. Today we have the big kahuna: the top schools with the best dorms in the entire country. Based on over 9000 student reviews, the following 15 schools have the highest rated dorms overall.
1. Kennesaw State University (4.4)
Two out of three dorms at Kennesaw State University are rated with a 4.0 or higher! One student said “Kennesaw state dorms are wonderful residence halls. Apartments on campus, program with educational but fun purposes. The dorms make a freshmen feel like they belong.”
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2. Saint Joseph’s University (4.4)
Saint Joseph’s University has four dorms ranked with a 4.0 or above, and none below a 3.0. One student said “Out of my dorm days (graduated last year) this was by far the best I’ve seen from any school.”
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3. DePaul University (4.3)
DePaul University has only one dorm with a rating below 3.5 – and that one has a 3.4! One student said “didn’t know anyone could actually fall in love with a building, bit I am I love with Seton Hall. Being my second home at DePaul, Seton has been a place for growing and sharing.”
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4. Georgia State University (4.3)
Georgia State University has at least a 4.0 rating on all of its dorms. One student said “I love this school and all of its dormitories.”
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5. Colorado State University (4.3)
Colorado State University has good ratings on almost all of its dorms, boasting ten with ratings of at least 3.0. One student said “Overall, Summit was one of the best halls I could have stayed in.”
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6. Temple University (4.1)
Temple University makes its student feel at home in their dorms which have rankings mostly 3 and upwards. 1300 Cecil B. Moore Ave.  alongside Temple Towers are the university’s highest ranking dorms. One resident said about Temple Towers, “I love living here!”
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7. Loyola College in Maryland (4.1)
Loyola College in Maryland has ratings no less than 3.6 and as high as 4.6! Flannery-O’Connor Hall holds that 4.6 rating and  it seems the people make the dorm great just as much as the hall itself. One resident said “The RA’s are great, and the dorms are beautiful too.”
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8. Drexel University (3.9)
The dorms at Drexel University received many great ratings. Race Street Hall, with a rating of 3.9  is made up of four person suites, and also houses a gym .  One student said the dorm is  an “overall great place to live.”
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9. Creighton University (3.9)
All but one of the dorms at Creighton University received a rating of 3 or higher. One resident said of McGloin Hall that, “McGloin is really fun, and the rooms are nice!” while another remarked “Opus Hall is a great upper-classmen residence!”
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10. Yale University (3.9)
Yale’s Durfee Hall with a 3.9 rating  has made it onto many of our lists this year, including our list for “Best Dorms in the Country” and is famous for being featured as Rorie’s dorm on Gilmore Girls! Yale University’s Bingham Hall also received a great rating of 3.9.
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11. Rice University (3.8)
Rice University dorms received ratings between 3.6 and 4.4 (pretty impressive!) One resident said of Wiess College with a rating of 4.1, that although it may be far from some spots on campus, “the rooms are great!”
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12. Brigham Young University (3.8)

13. University of Delaware (3.75)
University of Delaware dorms received quite a few ratings  of a 4 or better. Although not the highest rated dorm, one student said that Independence West was a “truly great experience- by far the nicest dorms at UD.”
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14. Catholic University of America (3.71)
Catholic University of America has many great dorm reviews! One student said of Curley Court that “It’s the best dorm situation ever with plenty of space and privacy!” while another student raved about Quinn House that “Living in Quinn at Catholic U is one of the best experiences of my life!”
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15. Indiana University-Bloomington (3.63)
Indiana University-Bloomington received many ratings better than 3.5.  Wright Quadrangle is one of the campus’s highest ranked dorms and one student said of it ideal location: “It  was so nice being close to campus and all of my classes.”
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