The 15 Best Dorms in the Country!

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19 September


It’s that time again, the 2012-2013 Dormy Awards. There were almost 9000 votes and below are the dorms with the best average ratings in the entire country. Keep tuned in this week and next week for more of the 2012-2013 Dormy Awards!

1. University Village Suites at Kennesaw State University (4.4)
University Village Suites is known as an extremely nice, apartment-style dorm with a convenient location on campus. One student said “These dorms are very nice to live in. They are conveniently located on campus so everything is a short walk away. When some peace and quiet is needed it’s not hard to find with numerous study areas and a quiet community. It is also filled with great opportunities to get out and enjoy social scenes and gatherings.”
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2. Borgia Hall at Saint Joseph’s University (4.4)
Borgia Hall is known as the best dorm at Saint Joseph’s for sophomores. One student said “Borgia is a modern and clean dorm. Not only that, but the people that live there tend to bond with their neighbors and get close with their wing making it a lot of fun.”
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3. Seton Hall at DePaul University (4.3)
Seton Hall is known as a dorm with a really great sense of community. One student said “Living in Seton Hall is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’ve made the best friends that I’ve ever had, and living with a community of over 80 other students really taught me about life and about myself.”
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4. University Commons at Georgia State University (4.3)
University Commons is known as an expensive apartment-style dorm that is often worth the rent. One student said “The Commons are apartment style living that gives each student a private room and a shared bathroom with one other person. It is a great way to live on campus and enjoy fraternizing with other students. There is always something going on to make life a lot more interesting in downtown Atlanta.”
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5. Academic Village at Colorado State University (4.3)
Academic Village is known as a dorm that feels like a hotel. One student said “The rooms are essentially hotel rooms with regular housekeeping schedules. They have bathrooms, a/c and heating are controlled independently in each room, and there is a good study environment.”
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6. Newman Towers at Loyola University in Maryland (4.1)
Newman Towers are known as a spacious, apartment-style dorm with nearly everything you’ll ever need located inside. One student said “The dorms here are unbelievable. Having an apartment with a full kitchen, large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk in closets, a dining room, and a common room is more than most college kids would expect. Newman has a supermarket in it… enough said. If I never had to leave this building i never would.”
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7. Ivory Tower at George Washington University (4.1)
Ivory Tower is known as one of the best dorms at GW, with lots of parties and a very convenient location, including a food court in the basement. One student said “Ivory Tower is definitely one of the best dorms at GW. The rooms are spacious, the location is fantastic, and the people are great. Downstairs, you can grab Potbelly, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pita Pit, and more.”
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8. 1300 Cecil B. Moore Ave. at Temple University (4.1)

1300 Cecil B. Moore Ave. is known as the best place to live for freshman and sophomores at Temple, with both suite-style and apartment-style rooms available. One student said “1300 is the best dorm on Temple’s Campus! It’s perfect for freshmen to have a nice community to live in and for sophomores to have privacy when they want and company when they want.”
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9. Klekotka Hall at Villanova University (3.9)
Klekotka Hall is known as a great apartment-style building on West Campus with a location convenient to the Main Campus. One student said “I love Klekotka Hall! It’s on West Campus and it has been the best year that housing has ever given me. Junior year is worth the hard work just so I can live in a nice apartment on campus!”
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10. McGloin Hall at Creighton University (3.9)
McGloin Hall is known as a comfortable and spacious dorm that’s close to classes and has high ceilings. One student said “I had a great experience living in McGloin Hall. It was almost like apartment living and the building was newer. It was also very convenient to living in the same building as the cafe.”
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11. Wolman Hall at Johns Hopkins University (3.9)
Wolman Hall is known as a dorm that offers the best of both worlds for freshman – quiet time when you need to study, and a great social scene for making new friends. One student said “Wolman is a freshman-only dorm and it’s fantastic. The rooms are suite style so typically you and your roommate share a suite (which includes a bathroom and a kitchenette) with another pair of roommates, each couple have their own room, but singles are also available.”
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12. Opus Hall at Catholic University of America (3.9)
Opus Hall is known as a spacious, modern, and clean dorm on campus with the “who’s who” on campus. One student said “Opus Hall is a beautiful, new dorm on campus. The suites are beautiful and have the feel of a hotel. The rooms are decent sizes and have windows that allow for a lot of natural light. If I’m ever having a bad day I just remember that I live in Opus and everything it better!”
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13. Unanue at Catholic University of America (3.9)
Unanue is known as having nice-sized rooms and a good location. One student said “In the Unanue House, the rooms are very spacious. having the bathroom attached to the rooms is great, private and clean. The RA’s are attentive, fun and friendly. We have study bubbles on every floor and a kitchen and tv room on the second floor. We have a cleaning staff come in everyday.”
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14. Durfee Hall at Yale University (3.9)
Durfee Hall is known as the most spacious freshman dorm on Yale’s campus – and was featured as Rorie’s dorm on Gilmore Girls! One student said “Among the most spacious doubles at Yale! Durfee is the closest building on Old Campus to the main libraries and to most of the classrooms at Yale, and in the basement, there is a wonderful convenient shop that sells great snacks/drinks/meals until 2:30am.”
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15. Race Street Hall at Drexel University (3.9)
Race Street Hall is known as a dorm with a great floor-plan and a gym inside the building. One student said “Suite Style dorms, shared with three other people. nice sized rooms, two showers and a bathroom plus kitchen sink. Overall great place to live.”
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