How to Get an Internship While Still in High School

By Pete Graber · February 2nd, 2011 · Internships · Comments

2 February


You’re ambitious, you want to work, but you’re only 16. While colleges want more impressive resumes than ever, it seems impossible to get an internship when you haven’t even graduated high school. However, it is possible and countless high school students have found internships. When I was in high school, I interned with a congressman and in other places. It’s nowhere near as hard as you think. I’ll walk you through it:

Broaden your targets

You want to intern for a finance firm. But you have to realize that a lot of companies already have too many college interns. So maybe instead of a financial firm, try for a local bank or financial advisor. Once you have a list of potential places, start calling them up. The local financial advisor is probably not used to having an intern but would be happy to have the help.

Most companies will automatically assume that you are less mature than a college student.

Demonstrate your maturity

Most companies will automatically assume that you are less mature than a college student. This may or may not be true, but is essential you prove otherwise. Write a well thought out, error-free cover letter, and keep everything professional. Don’t email your potential boss, “HEY MAN!” Once you get an interview, dress well and make it obvious to the interviewer that you are wise beyond your age!

Be persistent

It sounds corny but it’s true: success is all about just following through. Once you have a list of potential places to intern, give them a call! Send them an email. Demonstrate that you want this internship. If you don’t hear back after a week, give them a call again! However, be sure not to be overbearing. One email or phone call after a week of waiting to hear back is more than enough.

Use your network

Just because you are in high school, don’t think you don’t have a good network of connections you can rely on. Let people know you are looking for an internship. You might have friends whose parents work in a law firm and can get you an internship, or your parents might have friends who work for a company you’d like to intern in. Be vocal! Tell people you are looking, and you’ll be surprised how fast someone is able to help you.

You can get an internship while in high school. Follow these four tips and you will be set! Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section!