Introducing AdmissionSplash! A Facebook application that predicts college admissions!

By Allen Gannett · February 8th, 2011 · Admissions · Comments

8 February


CampusSplash is a proud father today. We’re launching AdmissionSplash! It is a Facebook application that uses a formula we developed to predict your chances of getting into over 1500 undergraduate colleges. You can start using it immediately by going either directly to the Facebook application or to Or you can watch a demo video and read more information below:

So does AdmissionSplash really predict my chances of getting into college?

Yes. We’ve developed and tested a formula that works at over 1500 colleges. Obviously this shouldn’t be your only consideration when deciding where to apply, but we know this will be a useful tool in helping narrow your choices.

How does it work?!

It’s magic. But seriously, we developed a formula and tested it until it was consistently  accurate. We did a test with the information for 75 admitted students at NYU and it correctly predicted that they would be accepted 90.6% of the time. We did a similar test with the information of 73 admitted students at UCLA and it correctly predicted they would be accepted 97.3% of the time. In a broader test of 88 students at UCLA, of the ones that we said would be admitted, about 85% of them were!

Does it work for grad school?

Not yet! But watch out for Law School Edition and Med School Edition in the near future!

Will this tell all my friends my chances?

No! While you can share your results with your friends if you want. Your results will not be shared unless you choose to.

Other questions? Ask in the comments!

Go to the Facebook application!