To Have, or Not to Have a Car on Campus

By Madison Lafond · June 13th, 2011 · Student Life · Comments

13 June


Should you bring your car to campus? Some students couldn’t live without their car. Some students use their car to get from home to campus then never drive again until the semester is over and it’s time to leave. Some students go their whole college career without a car. But what about you? Should you bring your car?

Pros to Having a Car on Campus:

1. Having Freedom
There is a freedom that comes with owning a car. You don’t have to stick around campus on weekends anymore. You can randomly go on road trips just because. You don’t have to walk or wait for the bus to get to the grocery store. You have more control of your time and less limitations on your activities if you have a car.

2. Friends tag along
If you have a car in college you will never go to the mall alone again. A car is a hot commodity in the college world. The ability to go on road trips and drive to get groceries is something that will benefit your friends too. They will probably be willing to pay you for gas if you offer to bring them when you’re going shopping or going to the mountains for a hike.

3. Convenience
You’re running late? If you have a car it doesn’t matter that you live three miles from your class. Remember all those thunderstorms that started while you were in class and you had to walk home in shorts and flip-flops? Now you just have to get from class to your car.

Cons to Having a Car on Campus:

1. They cost money
Cars are expensive. Even if your car is almost perfect and you’ve never had any problems with it before that doesn’t mean you won’t. What if someone smashes into you in the dorm parking lot? Can you afford the repairs? What about parking permits? College is full of hidden fees and your car is no exception. Also remember that when you are at home the gas you buy goes toward your personal needs. But in college you will probably be giving other people rides. This means you will be spending more money on gas. Not everyone you give a ride to will pay you back.

2. Acquaintances
While it’s fun to give your friends rides you don’t want to spend your spare time chauffeuring the entire campus around. When you have a car classmates, roommates and just about anyone else you can think of will corner you and ask for a ride on any given day of the week. It can get a bit annoying.

3. Safety
College students don’t always have a respect for personal property that’s not their own. You might come out to your car one night to find it has been keyed because it was someone’s idea of a joke; and you will probably never find out who did it. There is also the risk that people will break into your car and take whatever happens to be on the back seat. You are taking a gamble with your car and whatever possessions you keep inside if you bring your car to campus.

Having a car can be great; or it can be another chore. Consider your personal situation and decide what works best for you.

Madison E. LaFond Senior at Brigham Young University Idaho studying English, Theatre and Russian.

Photo Cred: Alex92287